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Doodle Inn… Virtually

Saturday 28th February 2021 2.50pm

While we’re in the middle of the global pandemic, it’s of course sadly not the time to be getting together out in the real world. So here at Doodle Inn HQ we thought we’d offer some ‘Virtual Doodle Inns’, to give you somewhere to settle down for a bit of doodling in company while you’re perhaps stuck at home.

We don’t unfortunately have any funding for these virtual Doodle Inns, but we’ve sourced some very reasonable software that we hope will do the job, allowing up to 50 people at a time to get together virtually for a little doodling.

To cover the cost of the software subscription, we’re going to offer access to the virtual Doodle Inns via Patreon, for a very small monthly contribution.

Become a Doodle Inn Patron!

Although, like the real world Doodle Inns, their virtual counterparts will be run on a very informal basis, we do need to keep a degree of security in mind, and we’re hoping that the need to pay, albeit a very small fee will deter the trolls!

We’ve added a link to the sidebar that will take you to Patreon where you can pay your monthly contribution (or join a higher tier by adding a little more if you would like to, this will help us to move ahead and we’ll keep you updated on how the Doodle Inn project is going). Once you’ve joined, you’ll be sent instructions and a password to access the details of how to join in to the virtual Doodle Inns, together with opening times for the coming week.

(Please note that Patreon charges by calendar month, on the first of each month; so if you’re thinking of joining towards the end of the month, you may want to hold on until the 1st of the next month before doing so.)

You can come along as many times as you like during the month, and if you’re having fun – and we’re pretty sure you will be – just keep your contribution going for as long as you like.

We’re thinking of having daily ‘prompts’ too, for folk who feel they can never think of anything to draw.

This is all very experimental at this stage, so please bear with us while we work out the best way to get it running smoothly.

We’re looking forward to seeing you, for a bit of virtual communal doodling, very soon!