How Does It Work

By encouraging people to start their own sketchbook journal to draw their lives and the world around them, and by the setting up of free local ‘Drop-In and Draw’ space in publicly accessible places, to foster a community of drawers.

What Sort Of Places?

By “publicly accessible”, we mean the space should ideally be, for at least some of the time, accessible by the community. The hope is to foster a completely relaxed ‘come-and-go’ feel, so that people will indeed just “drop-in” at any time the space is open.

With this in mind, suitable spaces may be an underused corner in, for example, an indoor shopping centre, a sports centre, a cafe, a public library, or even a community park or garden with a suitable sheltered covered space for cold or wet days.

Anywhere where people are already passing by or through, whether with an alternative aim in mind (eg shopping, reading, sitting and admiring a view etc), or, hopefully in time, specifically to: “drop-in and draw” (and chat, and form new friendships, and really see and appreciate the smallest details in the world around them)!

By publicising the existence of the spaces, encouraging donations of simple drawing materials from local suppliers, and holding some initial fun events, it’s hoped that in time the routine will be simply:

  • Come along to your nearest “Drop-In and Draw” space,
  • Pick up a pen or a pencil,
  • Start drawing!

Each space will be unique to its surroundings, and inevitably will develop and grow with use.

Special Events

As well as the spaces being used regularly for anyone to drop-in and draw, special events may also be organised – maybe around drawing a particular topic, maybe basic classes in technique, discussions about materials, etc.

There could be a “show your work” wall perhaps.

Special groups might grow from people talking amongst themselves and realising similar interests (like nature, or buildings, or animals).

Sketchcrawls may be organised, again perhaps with a specific focus, or just around the local area. Maybe simply a weekly walk out from wherever the space is, a bit of sketching out and about, and back to chat about what people drew.

The emphasis throughout is on the Drop-In and Draw being free, uncompetitive, and relaxed, fostering a feeling of community, and on using drawing to record the world around you, for pleasure, and relaxation, and fun.


Oh and, it’s very possible the word “art” will never be mentioned, but if it is, it will be with a very, very small “a”.