• Planting The First Seed
    [Photo above – courtesy of space2grow] The joy of the title here is that it's so appropriate, because today a seed was sown that I hope will grow into the very first "drop-in and draw" space, in a very special and beautiful community garden. In fact, in a beautifully, brightly decorated, cosy and friendly and … Read more
  • Let’s Make It Not About Money
    Our shopping centre, perhaps unfortunately, is not council owned, it’s privately owned and run, and space in the concourse IS available to rent by the day, or the week, but at a price. Tables and chairs can be included, but there are rules about things like public liability insurance, and all of it comes at … Read more
  • Where Did The Idea Come From?
    My small local covered shopping centre has had a large open empty space at its centre for several years now. It used to be a cafe. Tables and chairs, people chatting, watching the world go by. Now it’s vacant. It’s not dark, because it’s part of the concourse, although a waist height wall and a … Read more