Some Thoughts On Sponsorship

The whole ethos of the Drop-in and Draw spaces is built around their simplicity, and their being free for everyone to use. Costs are therefore minimal, and the main ‘sponsorship’ required is in the form of the provision of a very few items and services free of charge.

In as much as the idea is to use a small area within spaces that are already in use (and therefore already lit and heated), the spaces themselves will, it’s hoped, be happily provided at no cost, along with any required seating, light, heating etc.; their provision being viewed as an added service to the surrounding community.

While those dropping in to draw may bring their own materials, it’s hoped that local stationery or art shops will be encouraged to supply some basic sketchbooks, pens and pencils, either at cost or ideally free of charge, perhaps on condition of a visible acknowledgement.

The only other thing needed is publicity. Simple posters can be made by the users of the space perhaps, and put up at no cost around the location. Local publications – local newspapers, community magazines – can be encouraged to offer some free publicity, either in the form of event listings or even – ideally – a small article. Maybe something on a local radio station too if there is one.

In time, the idea is that this website will serve as a central database, co-ordinating Drop-in and Draw spaces around the country, with a listing of locations of spaces as they’re set up. Also that there will be templates for publicity material available through the site, and guidance and help if required.