Doodle Inn Is Virtual…For Now

During the pandemic, while ‘real world’ get-togethers are discouraged, a ‘Virtual Doodle Inn’ – quite simply, an online room – is open at scheduled times so doodlers can drop in, take some time out, and draw in the company of others from around World.

It’s open at scheduled times each week, and like all Doodle Inns, it’s free to access* (although a donation via the Doodle Inn Patreon is always very much appreciated; link at the bottom of the page).

Where And When

The Virtual Doodle Inn is run on a platform called Whereby.


  • If using a desktop or laptop computer, Whereby tends to work best in the Chrome browser.
  • If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to give your browser access to your computer’s microphone and camera.
  • For phones and tablets there is a Whereby app available – check your devices store; it may also work from within the Chrome browser on tablets.

The Virtual Doodle Inn sessions are relaxed and people can arrive and leave when they wish, but the room is usually open for around two hours. The sessions are run on an occasional basis, usually with two to four sessions a week at times to suit different time zones across the world – at least one each a week of early to mid morning and mid to late afternoon UK time (currently BST or UC+1).

A weekly schedule is published here on or before midnight UK time on a Sunday.

How To Join In

  • First read through the Doodle Inn Code of Conduct which you can find here.

It’s essential that the Virtual Doodle Inn sessions are felt to be places of safety, mutual respect and friendship, and anyone not adhering to the CoC will be removed from the room by the Virtual Doodle Innkeeper, and not permitted to re-enter.

  • To join in with a Virtual Doodle Inn, simply check the schedule and during an opening time go to the Whereby website , click to Join a Room, and type in the room name: doodleinn; or simply click on this link.
  • Type in your name when asked and Knock to enter.
  • After knocking you’ll be welcomed into the room by the Virtual Doodle Innkeeper!

*The Virtual Doodle Inn uses a subscription based online meeting room provider in order to avoid any limit on attendees or time. Special thanks are due to the first Doodle Inn patrons, whose generosity is allowing access to be offered free to all.

~ Virtual Doodle Inn Room Rules ~
Be Kind ~ Be Respectful ~ Draw!

Virtual Doodle Inn Schedule For The Coming Week

If reading this on a phone, turn it sideways (landscape).


Morning (UK)

A’noon (UK)

Prompt or Event
Mon 14 June 202110am-12noonTREES
Tue 15 June 2021FACES
Wed 16 June 202110am-12noon3pm-5pmJudy’s Birthday Doodle!
Thu 17 June 2021BEACH
Fri 18 June 20212pm-4pmGARDEN
Sat 19 June 20219am-11am4pm-6pmShoobeedoodlers
Sun 23 May 2021PEOPLE
Prompts are for when you
“don’t know what to draw”

Why not grab some paper and a pen and come on in!

“Drawing helps me…

… to feel connected, part of something basic and timeless. Not having drawn for a time, I feel that now; I can identify what was missing.”

“Drawing and doodling…

are very meditative for me. They make me feel calm and relaxed, and bring out my creative energy. The more I draw the more creative I get in other areas of my life too.

“My sketchbooks…

are a record of happy moments, of quotes that have inspired me in the down moments, of friends, and of my evolution as an artist (with a small ‘a’!).