What Is Drawing 4 Health

“Encouraging everyone to draw their world.”

That seems such a simplistic thing to wish for, but that’s it really.

To encourage people to draw for their own happiness.

Not for any expectation of making great art (although that may happen).

Not for any need to get better at it (although that will almost certainly happen).

Certainly not to impress anyone else (although that may happen too).

Just because it’s fun, and it makes you feel good.

There are lots of art classes and workshops and art groups out there, and they serve a very useful purpose, but they all have an agenda: you’re there “to learn”, or “to improve your skills”, or “to appreciate Art” (with a capital A).

Oh, it all sounds so serious!

No-one seems to be encouraging drawing just for the fun of drawing – and yet at its simplest it helps your mental wellbeing in so many ways.

Drawing can help you to really see the world around you. It can help you to switch off from your problems, to express yourself, to communicate, to appreciate the tiniest details.

Keeping a sketchbook journal of your life gives you a unique record of how you see your world, day-by-day. When you draw something, you really look at it, and that impression, and the feelings at the time, the sounds, the smells – stay with you, in a way taking a photograph just cannot match.